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About Us

TFLink.com, The Family Link was set up to allow families to link to each other in a “secure and closed” system. That is, the only people who can see your relatives are your own relatives (and the relatives of your relatives). The centerpiece of the program is the creation of your family tree so you can see all your relatives and how you are related to them.


The program is Internet based and all data is saved on our secure servers. This means you can access the program from anywhere in the world and just as importantly, anyone of your relatives can also access the same information from anywhere.


Click on the following topics to learn more about our program.



Most genealogy websites are set up to help you find “long-lost-relatives” and in turn, for them to find you. This means that when you sign up, even with a username and password, your information (name, age, relatives, relationships, etc.) all become public to make it easy for your relatives to find you.


Our approach is very much different. Our system is a “private & closed system” which means that the only people that can see your information are your relatives that you (or one of your other relatives) specifically invited to join in.


You will still be able to find those “long-lost-relatives” or those you simply lost contact with but it will be done inside the closed, secure and private system we have set up. To learn more about how this will be done, go to the other topics below.


Our website does have a general search function that your non-relatives (and your relatives not yet invited in) can use. However, the only information they will see are:

  • Your name. First and last.
  • City and country of residence but no specific address.
  • Age bracket, i.e. 25-35 but no specific dates.
  • Gender.


Most importantly, they will never see who you are related to and how. We are so focused on protecting your privacy that our search results do not even show anyone under the age of 18.


We ask for you email address so we can communicate with you but be assured that it will never be seen by anyone.


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The key to this system is that the profile of each person in the system is controlled by a living person (called the Administrator). That person could be the same person as the profile or could be one of the relatives. Furthermore, the only people who can get into the system are people that you (or your relatives) have invited and accepted. This ensures privacy of your information but it also ensures accuracy of the information entered.


You start by setting up your profile or taking over your profile from a relative who may have started it for you. Then you add more of your relatives, as many as you can.


As you get to your second and third cousins, you will probably start guessing many of their details. Our program has a very easy way in which you can invite those relatives to take over their own profiles to update their information and add even more relatives. Soon you will discover and link up with relatives you had lost contact with or never even knew existed.


For those family members, not interested in becoming Administrators, you can issue them what we call a Family Pass. You assign them a username and password and they will be able to log in and see all the details you have setup and see the same family tree you see. However, they will not be able to add or edit any profiles.




By getting your relatives involved in adding information, you will make sure to have the correct data on each person. In addition, our program captures the most complete set of information on each person. Examples.


  • Names: The program allows you to enter knick names and enter name changes (legal, marriage, etc.).
  • Parents: In addition to identifying “mother”, and “father”, you can also identify “step-mother”, “step-father”, “guarding”. You can even have same sex parents.

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Before setting up an account and accessing the system, the first thing you should do is a SEARCH to see if you or one of your relatives has already been set up. On our home page, click on the SEARCH icon and type in a last name you are looking for. Try different spelling variations as well.


You will start seeing matches to what you searched for. You will see the name of the person, the city/country they are in, and their age bracket. Note that persons under the age of 18 do not appear on these searches.


Beside each name (person) that comes up, you will also see the “Administrator” for that person. Every person set up has an Administrator that controls the information for that person. The Administrator maybe the same as the person or they may be one of the relatives.


If you think you see yourself, then you probably recognize the Administrator as well. Click on their name and the system will allow you to communicate with that Administrator. There is also a simple process in place that will allow you to take over as the administrator for yourself (if you find yourself).


If you do not see yourself in the searches, you can set yourself up. You will have to register to set up an account with your own personal username and password. Once you exist and you are the administrator of yourself, the fun begins.


Go to your family tree to see if any immediate relatives have already been set up. If your profile was created by one of your relatives (and you took it over), chances are that other members of your family were also set up. If you just started your own profile, then your immediate family members are probably not yet set up.


Start adding your immediate family members (parents, children, etc.). Note that for each person you set up, you automatically become the administrator for that person. As the administrator, you can continue adding more and more family members, including relatives of your relatives. Add as many as you can.


After a while, step back and look at all the new persons (profiles) you have set up. Start contacting some (or all) of them. Invite them to use the program and take over their own profiles. This way, they can continue adding family members you did not even know about. The more family member you invite, the more people will be added to the system and you will see all your relations.


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All security and privacy features are working and the program may be used. If you have any questions and or comments, please email us at info@TFLink.com